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Are You Ready to...

... step into your personal power and live every day full of purpose and possibility?

... get creative and courageous to re-imagine the next empowered phase of your life?

... create an authentic life rich with purpose, meaning, and deeper connection?

You have come to the right place to elevate your life.

As a certified Jungian Life Mastery Coach, I help women harness their inner wisdom and strength to transform their life challenges into opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

I believe that no matter what life crossroad you find yourself facing, you have what it takes to navigate profound change and thrive.

I would love to share with you how our work together will help you master life's pivotal moments and create the inspired life you crave!

Schedule a FREE Insight Call to begin your life mastery journey.

You'll leave with a personal insight, a sense of the power of Jungian life coaching, and how we'll work together to help you reach your goals.


"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung

Has a life challenge or change left you feeling stuck and uncertain how to move forward?
When it comes to decisions about your future, are you feeling overwhelmed by fear, self-doubt or indecision?
Do you get the feeling that you are meant to be more... to have more meaning, purpose, creativity and connection in your life?
Sorting through life transitions can feel incredibly challenging, leaving us feeling confused, overwhelmed, and even hopeless. But, I'm here to assure you, there is a way through that will elevate your life and sense of self.
You Don't Have to Figure This Out Alone.

As your guide and companion, it is my honor to provide compassionate support as I accompany you on this journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Together, we'll shine light on any limiting beliefs and patterns that may be keeping you from reaching your goals, so you can be free to make new empowered choices as you take steps forward.

You Deserve Support

Through our work together, you will tap into your creative imagination and innate wisdom to create an exceptional life aligned with your vision!

Are you ready to explore all of your possibilities?

Now is the time when you get to bravely transform your life!

A Purposeful, Creative, and Deeply Connected Life is Calling.

How Will You Answer?

Life Mastery Coaching Packages

3-month Self-Discovery

6 private sessions (2/mo)

60-minute Zoom calls

Goal development guidance

Identify and address subconscious patterns, beliefs, and fears driving your life

Understand how family, community, and cultural expectations influence your choices

Guided visualizations

Actionable next steps

Exercises & recordings between sessions to reinforce in-session progress

Post-session notes with your insights

1 client check-in between sessions

Choose the package that's right for you. Payment options available.

6-month Empowerment

12 private sessions (2/mo)

Includes everything from 3-month package


Explore your archetypes for deeper

Access and harness the power of your
inner resources

Dream analysis to help you
navigate your journey

Additional support: You have access via text for questions and guidance

"In the short period of time working with Deb, my life has changed in drastic and beautiful ways that didn’t feel possible mere months ago due to the old patterns of thought that had been playing in my mind for years. With gentle guidance, Deb helped me realize the inherent freedom that has been there all along. Together we pulled back the curtain to see that it was my own projections and shadows I picked up along my life path that were keeping me from living the full and rich life I had been dreaming of. Things that felt so heavy and nearly impossible before became light, easy and clear with the insightful and soulful guidance from Deb. I am so grateful for her wisdom, knowing and warmth."

- Jordan Pintar
Self-discovery & Empowerment

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

- Carl Jung

Discover How Truly Capable You Are​

Create the Fulfilling, Joyful Life You Crave​

Reveal Your True Potential


When we stand in the truth and fullness of who we are... we are empowered to transform every area of our lives.

"Before doing hypnotherapy and shadow work with Deb, I was struggling to understand and experience my emotions which would lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and self-isolation. After just 3 sessions, I saw tremendous progress in my ability to process my emotions and work through anxiety. Her therapy helped me to be able to identify what emotion I am feeling without judgement and view myself in a more positive manner."

Rachel Girvin
Self-discovery & Empowerment

Are You Ready to Thrive?!

This work will change your life...

Jungian Coaching has the power to reshape your self-perception and way of relating to people and events, empowering you to thrive in life's most pivotal moments, every day life, and relationships.

It will enable you to show up in the world more authentically and grounded - with greater self-awareness, understanding, and the ability to practice self-compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and self-love even amidst life's adversity. Coming from this place of calm intention and thoughtfulness has a ripple effect on all around us.

When we show up as our whole, integrated selves, we become empowered to create the life we desire and make our dreams a reality... regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

Jungian Life Coaching is MORE than just goal setting, homework, and accountability...

It's also about embracing your authentic self and doing the inner work to liberate yourself from past conditioning so you can make conscious choices to live your best life.

In our work together, you will…

- Gain a deeper understanding of yourself as you re-imagine the next phase of your life.

2- Build emotional resilience and the ability to adapt to life changes with strength, intentionality and grace.

3- Recognize life transition as an opportunity to create an enriched, purpose-driven life aligned with your vision.

4- Thrive in a joyful and meaningful way!

Begin Your Personal Transformation Here...​

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The FREE visualization below is designed to help you access your wise creative self and begin to recognize unconscious conditioning that may be limiting you.

Before you listen, it will help to have a goal in mind.

You may choose to write down in detail the feelings, thoughts, ideas, and symbols that arise for you during this visualization.

I can help you understand and work beyond any limiting beliefs, fears or symbols that come up for you, and answer any questions you may have.

Listening to the recording before your free insight call is optional.

Awaken Your Inner Sage

Begin to uncover what's keeping you from living your best life.


"Coaching with Deb has touched me on a deep level. I now understand that it's important to honor what my feelings are in the moment and not just whitewash over them… like they didn't happen and they don't feel a certain way in my body. This frees me to move forward and ask myself ‘what is the new energy… what's the new creativity?' I also had this realization that the work is not just about me. Energetically, interactions now feel potent. I feel like I am connecting with people in a different way… the results show up in the way people respond to me as I hold a space of grace. As a direct result of how I am now able to show up, I have experienced a softening in others who have been difficult to deal with in the past."

- Linda N
Career & Life Transition Coaching

Each one of us creates our own reality according to our unique perspective from past conditioning and experiences. Whatever we create, we can re-create. We have the ability to re-imagine limiting beliefs and revisit expectations of ourselves and the world that are no longer serving us. How exciting is that?!

Whether you desire deeper, more meaningful relationships... a fulfilling career... a more creative life... or other personal growth, I provide the guidance and tools necessary to help you achieve your goals.

With all of my training and life experience, I bring a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and flexibility to help you gain self-awareness, understanding, and self-acceptance so you can begin to envision and create the life you truly desire.

As a coach and hypnotherapist, I work with clients from throughout the United States via Zoom sessions.

It's my mission and passion to help women turn their life transitions into opportunities for self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your life's journey. It will be my pleasure to be part of your self-empowerment and personal transformation.


Meet Your Coach Deb Larson

Jungian Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Artist

Let your courage and curiosity be your compass as you navigate life's pivotal moments.

Realize Your Creative Potential...


Jungian Coaching Can Also Help You...

Explore your unconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding of your motivations, fears, and creative impulses, and create the art your soul craves.


Find Your Higher Purpose...

Tap into your inner wisdom to create more meaning and purpose in your life. As you gain new self-understanding and move beyond conditioning that limits you, you'll gain greater insight, clarity, and intentionality.

Gain insight into your relationship dynamics through self-reflection. In our work together, you'll be empowered to re-imagine limiting beliefs and old patterns, embrace your true personality, express yourself authentically, and cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships!

Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships...

"Working with Deb has been such an amazing experience. I found her to be a compassionate and very effective coach as she has brought so much clarity and understanding into my life when I truly needed it. I had so many powerful moments with her during our sessions. She helped me move forward in my life and I am so grateful to work with her."

- Megan Atiya
Relationship Coaching

"Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love."
- Rumi

Awaken Your Inner Sage...

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