Discover Your True Personality for Authentic Living


Deb Larson


Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, where the roles you’ve played for years are shifting? Do you feel like you've lost touch with your true self? As mid-life women, this period can be particularly challenging because our identities have often been closely intertwined with roles like caregiver, spouse, or professional. Now, as these roles change or diminish, we may be grappling with a daunting question: "Who are we beyond these roles?"

As a Jungian life transition coach, I am here to guide you through this transformative journey. It may not feel like it at this moment, but this is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the layers of societal roles you've worn, rediscover your authentic self beneath them, and reimagine the next chapter of your life.

Embracing the Challenge: Self-Identity vs. Roles

At the heart of our mid-life transition lies a profound tension between our self-identity and the roles we've played. For so long, we've been the dedicated caregivers, the nurturing mothers, the devoted spouses, or the successful professionals. These roles have not just defined us; they've also shaped our very identity. But now, as circumstances change and life unfolds, these roles may no longer be enough to support our identity.

Imagine peeling away layers of identity like shedding old skin. This time of our lives calls us to embark on a journey of self-discovery that allows us to uncover our true selves, hidden beneath the roles we've worn like masks for so long.

Navigating the Emotional Terrain

The emotional impact of this struggle can be overwhelming. Feelings of grief, anxiety, and even depression are common responses to the changing roles and the associated loss of identity. It's natural to mourn the life we once knew, the dreams we've set aside, and the people we used to be. Anxiety often stems from the uncertainty of what lies ahead, while depression may arise from a sense of purposelessness.

One of the incredible benefits of working with a Jungian life coach is learning how to process these emotions in a healthy way as we begin to re-imagine ourselves and our lives.

Your Journey to Self-Reinvention

Amidst the upheaval of mid-life's loss of identity lies a profound opportunity for growth and self-reinvention, and I can be your guide and companion on this transformative journey toward self-realization and a more fulfilling life.

During our coaching process, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your evolving values, passions, and aspirations… to reevaluate what truly matters to you.

Together, we'll peel away the layers of roles to unveil the core essence of your being, allowing you to reconnect with your authentic self. This is when you get to redefine your identity, not based on societal expectations or external roles, but on your personal values, desires, and dreams.

Doing this work will liberate you to set new goals that align with your evolving self, embark on new adventures, and pursue passions you may have set aside. This empowering journey is all about embracing your authenticity, so you can shine brighter than ever before.

Your Time to Shine

This is your time to reinvent yourself—to realize your full potential and consciously create a life that is meaningful to you. If you're feeling lost in transition, remember that you're not alone. This journey is a part of your unique path toward something beautiful—a brighter, more authentic version of yourself.

A Jungian life transition coach can help you thrive in and beyond transition. Begin to Awaken the Sage Within... your authentic self is waiting to be rediscovered and embraced, and the possibilities that lie ahead are limitless.